Changmin and sooyoung dating

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or some other cute moments that mean many things for me. just to shut up the haters and the one who still believes that them dating is just a conspiracy theory of sm LONG LIVE BAEKYEON!

I don't know why I really ship and sure they will be together, maybe I like the couple for no reason, but I believe that, everything can be changed by the destiny. i honestly wish baekhyun and taeyeon will get married in the future if they truly love each other.

I often imagine, one day when they are disband, they will also certainly live a normal life like a human being, they are also going to get married and get some children.

And sometimes in my wild fantasies, I believe that among the many artists of SM (Beside Taeyeon and Baekhyun), there must be a girl and a guy that falling in love each other or even dating and then will get married and become a real couple in the future.

Shim Changmin comes a long and make this look a little happier.

The news article had stated, "The two were good friends for a long time.

Recently, many scandals from SM have been occurring.

On February 25, f(x) member Victoria posted a picture on her weibo of food she had cooked.

They say, There is nothing we can do about idols dating, since they are human like us.

However, they should try to at least hide it from fans.

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