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I mean if a guy is just sitting their gawking, sure I can understand being mad at that but if a guy checks you out while you're wearing some low-cut top that's showing off your stuff do you really have a right to be mad about it?Guys naturally like boobs, even women seem to have an interest in boobs, apparently not in the same way as guys (unless they're gay) but the point being, women can't expect us guys not to look.Here is a more extreme example, and a made up one but I think about it when this topic comes up because there's some truth to it.There was an article in the onion (if you don't know, the onion's a newspaper that pokes fun at real news like SNL does with their news skits) where they said something like (I don't remember the exact writing) "Two girls at the something something bar drank heavily and decided to dance on the bar.I’m sure the majority of the female population on Linked In can relate to what I am about to write! By the standards of our botoxed, fake-boobied western-world, I am probably average at best. I definitely need a new one and have vowed to get more photos this summer!If I had half the amount of power that the men of Linked In gave me, I’d probably be running the country. However, I seem to possess this online presence on Linked In that I don’t possess in real life. I stumble across many articles on Linked In based around the topic of the profile picture.

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I couldn’t understand why these people were obsessing over seeing different angles of me.

So it seems pretty apparent that women show their cleavage to attract men, get noticed and feel confident.

But here's the thing that bugs me, is the women that show off their boobs and then proceed to get annoyed at guys checking them out.

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I know this topic has already been brought up a while ago but I'd like to add upon it and get some women's opinions (guys too).

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