Excel updating fields

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To separate Contact fields and Relationship fields, use a semicolon (;) in combination with a line break.

With this link, each time the Excel source is changed, the Word document will automatically be updated. This document, titled "Update a Word document based on data in an Excel file," is available under the Creative Commons license.

For records that utilizes List field types or Linked field types, there are certain methods to formatting your data so that the terms are added or edited successfully.enter the value as you would like it to display, followed by the source authority’s initials and the reference ID in double brackets.

To find the reference ID for vocabularies, search on Shared Shelf for local names or Getty’s website to find authoritative vocabularies.

I have added some custom fields for user stories and looking for a way to update the values in bulk for the loaded user stories.

Instead of updating them manually for each user story I am trying to export them in excel using the excel add-in and then import it in Rally with the custom field values updated.

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