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SKOUT extended its services from 14 languages to 16 languages including Malay and Vietnamese in 2016.

Teen smoking can be a form of rebellion or a way to fit in with a particular group of friends. Applaud your teen's good choices, and talk about the consequences of bad choices.You might compare the cost of smoking with that of electronic devices, clothes or other teen essentials. This 10-card spread provides an in-depth look into the present and immediate future of your professional life.This two-in-one reading combines the wisdom of the Tarot with the fortune-telling abilities of the Zodiac, so it's an amazing, insightful value!Teen smoking is more common among teens whose parents smoke. The earlier you stop smoking, the less likely your teen is to become a smoker. In the meantime, don't smoke in the house, in the car or in front of your teen, and don't leave cigarettes where your teen might find them.

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