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Even the world's oldest profession has not been immune to digital disruption.Advertising online has increased the supply and reduced the costs of illicit sex in the United States, data suggests.

According an analysis of online listings published last year by the Economist, the price of sex worldwide has declined by roughly a quarter since 2006, from nearly 0 to just over 0 for an hour with a prostitute.

The company's controlling shareholders, Michael Lacey and James Larkin, were also charged with felonies in the investigation by California and Texas authorities.

Over the past couple of decades, advocates say online advertising has helped prostitutes avoid the dangers of walking the streets to find clients, where they are easier targets for criminals.

It takes a woman about a thousand words and a condom to get laid on Craigslist.

Lily never married and spent most of her life caring for an ill parent who died recently.

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