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The six lucky finalists: Hya Leonardo, Sirach Catipay, Liana San Diego, Jaden Narvios, Stephanie Jordan and Alexi Tan were also partnered with a mentor that will guide them in achieving their dream profession. Lea Salonga and Janina Vela as their guide, the six girls were able to hurdle the challenges that was given to them as well as had the opportunity to get to know each other better and discover their own strengths and weakness. She wrote in her entry that she is celebrating her birthday on March 22 which was the concert date and would wish her husband and daughter to join her in watching the concert.

The finale, which was a star-studded concert held at the MOA Arena last March 22, gave the audience a chance to hear and see up-close their Disney Princess: I Dare To Dream favorite finalists as well as to cheer them in realizing their dreams. Would you believe that he just happen to be at the right place and at the right time when I was meeting with my online winners? And because wishes do come true, she got to watch the Disney Princess: I Dare To Dream Concert with her family.

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